Let’s Share Some Great News!

1.  REID PARK WILL BE OPEN FOR PLAY IN 2020 and we hope you will continue to enjoy Reid Park.
2.  REID PARK IS STILL OPERATED BY REID PARK LIMITED.  Jim Kincaid and Alan Collins are the two managing partners who have a contract with the City of Springfield to operate the golf course.

While the wet spring challenged us in many ways, we have continued to maintain the golf course at a high standard of conditioning.  Thankfully we have dried out and are in full swing with the 2019 golf season.   Ron Baker, GCSAA Superintendent and his staff have provided us with quality turf and putting surfaces that rival many private country clubs.  We are thankful for the work they do!

We are also proud of our front line staff with 2 quality PGA Professionals, Kurt Heintz and Pat Delaney.  Both have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is unmatched in the Miami Valley.  They have a combined 70+ years of providing quality instruction, events and tournament management as well as first class customer service.  And we all know that El Collins is always there to share his wealth of knowledge as needed.

Alan and I are pleased to have this award winning staff at Reid Park and your support tells us that we are doing things right. 

 On another note, many of you have heard that I have moved to South Carolina and have wondered if I am still involved.  Quite simply, yes, I have moved to SC and yes, I am still involved and will continue to be.  Before taking on Reid Park, Amanda and I had a plan in place to make SC our new home.  Five years ago, we purchased a home in SC and have used it to vacation often during this time.  We will be back in Springfield on many occasions to visit family and check on Reid Park.  We are also going to become grandparents as our daughter and her husband are expecting a baby girl in October.   Our move will take us closer to our granddaughter!

So, as you can see, Reid Park is still in good hands and will continue for the foreseeable future.  Alan and I have a heart for Reid Park and providing affordable golf to those near and around Springfield Ohio.  We are doing our best to improve along the way and be the best that we can be.  

We thank you all for supporting golf at Reid Park !                      

 – Jim Kincaid- Reid Park Golf Course